What to expect

Your first consultation will always include a comprehensive consultation and treatment. The only reason we would not treat you on your first visit is if your condition requires immediate referral.

First we will ask you to fill out our patient history form. Your practitioner will then add to that information in taking a comprehensive medical history.

They will then perform an extensive physical examination to form their diagnosis and devise a treatment and management plan. After discussing their conclusions with you and gaining your consent, your practitioner will give you hands on treatment. They may also provide you with exercise, dietary, ergonomic and other lifestyle advice.

Questions answered

How long will it be?

Your first visit typically takes up to an hour.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring along any recent imaging (x-rays ultrasound, MRI. CT scan, bone scan etc) you have had done.

If you are on any medication could you please bring a list of those medications.