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Catherine D’Arcy

Catherine has worked as an osteopath at Jennifer Paull and Associates since late 2009.

Catherine treats a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal problems including jaw pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, low back and pelvic pain. She uses a variety of manual osteopathic techniques including massage, articulation, myofascial techniques and dry needling. She will often incorporate advice on posture, exercises and ergonomics for her patient.

Catherine works with all age groups from toddlers to centurions! As well as working at Jennifer Paull’s she is also working at an aged care facility helping to reduce pain and restore function and quality of life for those in their twilight years. Catherine provides the aged care industry with education to staff on safe manual handling techniques and oedema management.

Catherine is passionate about travel. She enjoys experiencing the unique cultures and attractions of the world. She is particularly fond of exploring their culinary delights from Michelin star restaurants in New York to the food carts in Guatemala.

Catherine believes in a holistic approach to health for both herself and her patients. She frequently attends yoga and Pilates, which she finds a great benefit to her physical and mental wellbeing.

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