Dee Taylor

Dee trained at the British School of Osteopathy, London, graduating in 2000 with a BSc Honors after 4 years of full time training. Since graduating she has worked in the U.K, New Zealand, and Australia. In New Zealand Dee was her region’s peer group leader, and was an elected member of the Osteopath Council of New Zealand for 4 years.

Seeing a broad cross-section of the community, Dee has a particular interest in the impact that work and recreational ergonomics may be causing or contributing to a patient’s unique symptoms, believes in prescribing rehabilitation exercises where appropriate and has an interest in improving the the function of patient’s bowels due to family history of colorectal cancer. Postgraduate courses have included anatomy, western medical acupuncture, visceral, structural and obstetrics.

Dee uses a range of techniques including soft tissue, muscle energy, functional, HVLA thrusts (clicks), craniosacral and western medical acupuncture.

Outside of work, Dee is an avid walker, cyclist and kayaker, and is secretary for her kayaking club.

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